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Thomas Center for Learning

Our Mission

Thomas Center for Learning and Physical Literacy Development offers programs to engage children ages 5 to 12 in fitness, recreation and healthy habits to develop and sustain an active lifestyle.

Our Vision

Healthy Families, Healthy Children, Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities in a Healthy World.

Our Philosophy

We believe that learning is a holistic process that involves the whole body. Children learn best when they are free to move around and choose what they want to learn.
Children should not be expected to sit in front of a computer or at a table to learn. At our center, we value playing and being physically active. We use a whole-body approach to learning, in which students explore and learn school subjects through physical activity. According to research, movement boosts blood flow to the brain while also increasing confidence, self-esteem, and mood. We promote active, hands-on learning because of this. At the same time, we want our students to improve their athletic skills, enjoy fitness activities and become physically literate. Our educational philosophy is based on students moving to learn and students learning to move.

Our Values

Academic Excellence & Academic Rigor

Leadership & Teamwork

Active Learning & Play

Family & Friendship

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