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Thomas Center for Learning

Our Mission

Thomas Center for Learning and Physical Literacy Development offers programs to engage children ages 5 to 12 in fitness, recreation and healthy habits to develop and sustain an active lifestyle.

Our Vision

Healthy Families, Healthy Children, Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities in a Healthy World.

Our Philosophy

We believe that learning involves the whole body. Children learn best when they have the freedom to move and choose what they want to learn.

Children should not sit in front of technology or only stay seated at a table all day to learn. At our center, playing and being physically active are important. We use a whole-body apporach to learning, where students use physical activity in the classroom to explore and learn. Research shows that movement promotes better blood flow to the brain. Movement increases confidence, self-esteem and mood. This is why we promote hands-on, active learning. At the same time, we want our students to grow their athletic skills, enjoy fitness activities and become physically literate. Our philosophy is all about moving to learn and learning to move.

Our Values

Academic Excellence & Academic Rigor

Leadership & Teamwork

Active Learning & Play

Family & Friendship

Kids Running

Learning involves the whole body. 

Children learn with their bodies. The body is a tool for learning. 

Learning awakens the mind. 

Mind-Body connection activities improve learning skills.  Children need to be active participants in learning otherwise their learning experience is stale and they are passive learners.
Children Playing Tug of War
Kids Playing

Playing and being physically active are important.

Physically active kids are more likely to be motivated, focused, and successful in school.     

Moving to learn, but first learning to move

Children move to learn but first they must learn to move in a way that encourages them to sustain physically active lives. 
Kids Playing Treasure Hunt
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